typical-solar-setupHow NH Solar Systems Works

Solar electric systems, also known as photovoltaic (PV) systems, convert sunlight into electricity. Because they are made up of individual solar panels, PV systems can be flexibly designed to meet most electrical requirements, both large and small. Systems are said to be “grid- connected” when they remain plugged into the local utility. Grid-connected PV systems may have a battery back-up system, but most do not. Battery back-up is typically used for off- grid systems and provides power at night when the sun is not shining. Grid-connected systems rely on their utility to provide power at night. The diagram on the right below illustrates a basic PV system installation. Maintenance requirements for PV systems are minimal. The best way to ensure a PV system is working well is to install a monitoring device that tracks the electricity output of the system.

Benefits of Installing NH Solar Panels for your NH Home

Installing a PV system on the roof or in the yard provides several benefits to a homeowner. Because you are producing your own electricity, your utility bills will be lower. PV systems can last for 25 years or longer, and therefore provide long-term protection against rising electricity rates your utility may charge as worldwide energy markets change. A PV system may also increase the value of your home. Finally, a PV system produces electricity without a emitting any pollution, including greenhouse gases.

What to do to Install a PV NH Solar System

If you are interested in “going solar,” there are several important steps to take in preparation. If your goal is to reduce your environmental impact or the cost of the installation, We suggest that you get a free home energy efficiency audit. This is required in order to qualify for the solar Rebates offered by various utilities. If done prior to installing a solar PV system, home energy efficiency improvements such as sealing unwanted air leaks, improving insulation, and replacing inefficient lighting will reduce the amount of electricity your home uses so that you can meet a greater percentage of your electricity needs with your system or reduce the size of the system required.

Installation type, Roof Solar Panels or Ground Solar Panels

If you plan to install PV on your roof (as opposed to mounting it on the ground), have us or your general contractor check to see if your roof needs to be reinforced or replaced, especially if it is an older roof (older than 10 years). Seek out solar installers that guarantee their work and, when possible, are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).  If you learn that your property is not well suited for a PV system because of shade or other issues, check with your NH Energy Choices Consultant about options to invest in an offsite solar system through a green power purchase or “community solar” program. Finally, learn about solar technologies, financing options, and available PV incentives to ensure that you have the information you need to make the best decisions.

All residential Customers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts are eligible for the 30% Federal Investment Tax credit for installation of solar panels, wind turbines and solar thermal hot water systems.

In addition, you can be reimbursed for more of your system installation costs by applying for NH state solar rebates and renewable energy tax credits.

There are many Federal and State programs that can help save you money on your installation of solar panels for your home. The applications for these incentives need to be completed before the system is installed. Incentives need to be pre-approved based on the system design, which we can help with. We will walk you through the Federal and State incentives that you are eligible for and we will do the paperwork to insure that you get the full advantage of all available financial incentives. Call today to find out more at our NH Google Voice Mail number, (248) 783-6302

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