New Hampshire Wind Energy Map

Here in NH, there is strong potential for wind-power electric generation projects. The best sites for wind development in Vermont are those with strong, consistent wind, which are found along the higher elevation ridgelines of our many hills and mountains. This is a perceived challenge to the pristine views and working landscapes many cherish. The reconciliation of NH’s values with our energy future and independence, is being pursued through several community-based wind projects.

Wind power is the conversion of kinetic energy of the wind (achieved through rotating propellers), to mechanical energy. This renewable energy source can been seen in action around the world in utility, commercial, or residential scale wind turbines that produce electricity. House or building-scale wind turbines are typically tied into the local electrical supply in an arrangement called net metering, which feeds any excess power generated back to the local utilities. We can help you establish if this is a good energy source for your location.


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